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A good question . . . another one, and one more

What’s real, what isn’t? Another question–How fixed is reality? One more: Truth and reality . . . is there a connection? This too: How absolute is reality? Think about the following. Have you ever heard anyone say things like this?

“That 12:00 noon gravity switch again . . . hit my head on the ceiling and had to scrape my food off the fan. Ugh.”

“I love my new car. It gets me from South Carolina to L.A. in two hours.”

“Darn, I’ve done something with the moonscreen, and tonight it’s my turn to walk the dog.”

“The owls outside my window are arguing politics again–late into the night, every night. I can’t sleep!”

“Making ice cream is such a chore. Have to wait for the oven to get to 450˚.”

“I like my new bicycle . . . six inches off the ground makes for a smooth ride.”

“Don’t believe me? Yes, my car does better in reverse. Have to avoid the cops, but on the Interstate, I get better gas mileage.”

“My bed is such a problem . . . keeps running away from home.

“Bad influence on the piano! Had to report the runaway a week ago . . . cops found it doing a gig in some Atlanta bar.”

“Two + two is 5.389.”

“He makes his coffee with steam, speeds up the brew process.”

“Their goat grew wings last week.”

“Gravy is smoother with talcum powder.”

“The frogs in that creek have a contract . . . album’s coming out in six months.”

“Those rabbits have got to go. They’re scaring my dog!”

“That type of earthworm only eats rock.”

“He makes his smoothies with bananas, kale, and battery acid.”

“Her eyelashes tingle.”

“She only uses that thirteen-month calendar, says it keeps her from wasting time.”

“No, oobleck isn’t orange.”

“She makes her biscuits with acorns.”

“They lose weight when the barometer dips.

“It’s so great! His hair is coming back in,” she said. “But as dental floss,” her friend asked.

“They do better when they take exams in their sleep.”

with thanks for the neat image, simone-secci-49uySSA678U-unsplash